Last Guy Out of Locker Room #Uuups

So here’s one we got from the weekend – not sure if you caught the GA-GaTech game, but there were a a handful of noteworth Uuupses regarding this meeting:

1) Tech fan face paint:

Umm, Uuuuppppsss!!

2) Mark Richt caught picking his nose in first quarter – Uuuuuuupppsss!!

3) Members of the Georgia football team run to the locker room a skoash too early and find themselves embarassingly doing the run of shame back out on the field seconds later… wanna’ bet what the last guy back out on the field from the locker room said?? Uuuuuuuuuullllllpppppssssssth!!!!
(click to enlarge images):

a closer look:

4) Richt got pissed when his boys gave him a Gatorade shower prior to the clock showing a trio zero – Uuuuuppppsss!!

5) Ummmmm, last and certainly not least, Tech lost on their home turf after a 10-1 season to their arch rival – REALLY??!! MAJOR UUuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppsss!!

Whoever your team was, there were awkward moments on both sides – relish it and remember it, and we’ll see you in Athens in 2010.



One response to “Last Guy Out of Locker Room #Uuups

  1. I feel honored to have contributed to the blog now. šŸ™‚ However, I still harbor some anger about the last 2 minutes of that game!

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