Fun with #Uuups Signs

Oh me, oh my!! If we didn’t have the wedding weekend of all weekends, then I don’t know what we did!! One of the founders, creators and great lovers of UUuuupppss got hitched on Saturday in North Carolina, and let it be known that “Uuuuuppppsss” was in the house….

Stand by for random wedding Uuups posts to come, and prepare to smile… this was a fun weekend!!

What’s more, we took the signs with us – what a blast it was to plant Uuups within our travels…

we hope you’ll do the same and share them with us…

A couple from our trip home:
Dually Noted Tiger Uuups – Tiger’s ball in water slash Tiger in general:

Waiting for your Personal Driver at Airport:


2 responses to “Fun with #Uuups Signs

  1. hahaha!

  2. Tara, I am so a fan of this. Laughing real hard that you held that up at the airport…love it.

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