Wedding Sparkler #Uuups

So with regards to the wedding filled with Uuups moments, here’s a special one.

When the bride and groom were leaving the crowd so beautifully flanked the exit aisle with sparklers, like so:

What was even more amazingly eventful about all this, was that one of the clever bridesmaids felt it was a BRILLIANT (pun intended) idea to not distribute her stash of sparklers, but to instead light them all at once for an even brighter exit. What else would she hold them in but a large metal vase that was housing some wedding floral display, within arms reach….

Oh what fun it is… almost like carrying the Olympic torch:

Except, what happens when sparklers continue to burn down the stick?? Well the heat transcends down the stick, and well, INTO the item containing them…. THE METAL VASE!!:

Her face says it all – Uuuuuuuullllppppsss!!

The seconds after that involved this beautiful bridesmaid racing through the tent, torch in hand and tossing it to the curb. An older gentleman stomped the flames out, and well her hand still feels the remnant of the moment…

vase on ground after flames stomped out:

“Uuups, did I do that?”:

Hand in ice bucket after the Uuups:

7 hours later, hand still in ice bucket… Uuups:

Permanent mark to remember the events…. Uuuuuuupppps!!!:


4 responses to “Wedding Sparkler #Uuups

  1. It seemed like such a good idea at the time!

  2. Best Uuups posting ever. EVER.

  3. The pics made me feel like I was actually there.

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