Passing Out in Fine Hotel Wine Room #Uuups

We went to one of Atlanta’s premier spots last night for a Champagne toast to ring in the new year and celebrate the season with colleagues and friends…

The destination was the ever amazing St. Regis Buckhead (thank you Rolen Image for this fantastic picture):

More specifically, the ever distinguished Wine Room (and thank you Rolen Image for this picture, too!):

After celebrating with friends and sharing our special toast….

…we hung around for a while for good fellowship and fun…

Only to find this guy, who we couldn’t help but take some pictures with:

Hey Buddy!! this is NOT the place!! Man, where was our “Uuups” signs when we needed them most??

What was perhaps the best, was the gorgeous and fun gal who jumped up to partake in the fun with us by snapping this picture for us:

…and then sharing the laugh!! She was fine and a good time, and we had a blast sharing the “Uuuupppss” with her.

In fact, here’s her spontaneous take at her new favorite phrase:

Thanks for laughing with us…. and NTS, don’t drink too much in nice hotel lounges.



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