Surveillance Camera #Uuups

Got 10 min? No?? That’s fine, just watch the first two and you will have seen plenty.
Got more to spare??

Read our play by play below of this Uuupstastic video of a poor cherub who may or may not have had one too many attempting to stop in a convenience store for one more six-pack……

1:29 – the first fall
1:45 – indian style sitting
3:01 – refall
4:02 – he’s discovered
4:22 – call for backup
5:55 – display run-in
6:55 – other angle of collapse into display
7:26 – the pimp walk
7:36 – the limbo
8:25 – time to leave, the zombie door reach
8:31 – sure i’ll hold this bowl
8:45 – the beg for spare change
9:26 – the narcoleptic counter nap
9:43 – the quitter
10:07 – the ear scratch and check
10:17 – Cumbaya
10:39 – OK, I’m done.

Thank you Haley Gage for this incredible content – wow and WOW is all we got!… that and Uuuuuuppppppsss!!!


One response to “Surveillance Camera #Uuups

  1. Oh my Lord. That guy is unreal. I love the comments, too.

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