Another Mall #Uuups

Evidently the Mall is a breeding ground for Uuups moments and people…

Our good friend Jessica found herself in quite an impressive Uuups circumstance just the other day, and she graciously emailed us the deats below…

Check it:

So I’m at the mall, story of my life! And this white guy walks by, with a lighting bolt tattoo on his face, dressed in a blue velvet jump suit with gold dollar signs on it. OF course I take off after him to capture this moment but he is walking SO fast. I take one picture, it comes out blurry, when I begin to break a sweat I finally start to slow down. This is when the next uuups moment happens. A couple came up beside me and I hear the guy tell the girl, hurry you have to get closer! I turned to them and said “I just did the same thing but mine came out blurry” They looked so embarrassed, we all started to laugh.
So now the guy has three people chasing after him. He passes by another guy, and that guy yells out “what the h*ll was that?!”
Before long this guy literally had about 5 people after him trying to get his picture!
It was the craziest chase! Here is the only picture I got 🙂

WOW!! All we can say is Thank You, Jessica for this fantastic laugh…. and “UUuuuuuppppsss!!”


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