Hug-E-Gram #Uuups

Have you forgiven us for not updating the blog recently??
Maybe this major Uuuups of a product will make you feel a little better??
What the heck is that you ask??

click here and find out…

– It shows you love someone when you cannot be there
– It is a unique gift that lasts forever
– You can send it with a personalized message
– It lets you feel a hug anytime you need one


A few things:
1) why does the hand only have four fingers?
2) why does it look like someone chopped off Mickey-Mouse’s arms and sent them to me to hug me?
3) What’s up with the testimonial on this site? I mean REALLY??
4) How did they come up with the color scheme… salmon??

Uuups of a product if I’ve ever seen one, but let’s be honest… we’re all wondering the same thing…

Why didn’t I think of that!??



One response to “Hug-E-Gram #Uuups

  1. is this a joke? or is this a serious product? I need to know!

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