Turtle Man #Uuups

OMG, who is this guy?

Some points of interest to take note of:

1:06 – what is that noise?
2:03 – how bout those teeth?
2:04 – substitute for a horn uuuppss
2:15 – loving the view of the rattail
2:44 – yodel-eh-hee hee
2:55 – random cow
3:03 – that’s an ugly turtle
3:05 – how did a chainsaw take out your teeth?
3:33 – why are swimming in that nasty funk?
4:44 – wait, so does he eat these things?
5:08 – yeah, these guys don’t like each other
5:18 – gatorade ad uuups


Found Walking on Peachtree #Uuups

This man was just found walking on Peachtree….

McDonalds #Uuups

This is from our friends at Fail Blog:

Who Needs Diapers #Uuups

no comment.
except, Uuuuuuppppsss
(and thank you Sara for this clutch Uuups moment)


Disabled Bunny #Uuups

This one goes out to all our bunnies…


FB Msg #Uuups

OK, wow – so many uuupses in this random FB message from a complete stranger…

1) your name is Christopher Cockerman – i mean… really??
2) What the heck is Christianmingle and what is Cadence doing on it?
3) “I think you look nice” – Uuuuuullllpppsssth
4) “I’m married slash widowed” – Uuuuuuuuppppsss again!!
5) “Looking forward to hearing from you….” sorry, CC… not gonna’ happen, buddy!

If you’ve ever been a receiver of one of these horribly random yet boldly forward FB passes, allow the hosts of the Uuups blog to say, we wholeheartedly empathize….


Jaliscos Moon #Uuups

If you live in the A, then you know that Jaliscos is one of Buckhead’s favorite family friendly Mexican restaurants.

Welp, it was a privilege for one of our fans to dine there recently and learn that the moon was shining in the building….