O-mazing Grace #Uuups

I beg you…
Just watch through 2:09 at least…
For the most magnificent moment you’ve ever experienced.
And then really, 3:00 for the epic close.

An #Uuupstastic rendition of the most inspirational song of all time…

Dedicated to our friend Brandon, who celebrates 25 years of God’s Amazing Grace today…



Yo-Yo Guest #Uuups

This is Uuupsfully amazing:

Thank you Tyler Stanton for your Uuupstastic twitter post!!

Dangerous Lungers #Uuups

Ummm, are they dangerous??

(p.s. Thanks Sara!!)

Get Coffee #Uuups

This man was spotted at Get Coffee in Chamblee (ATL) today by our friend, Austin Lee….
Not much more to say besides “Uuuuuuuuppppssss!!!”

Soccer Announcer #Uuups

paying attention would be good if you’re a commentator…

Javy #Uuups Face

we have friends down at Braves Spring Training.
Looks like a good ol vet is on the field…
Too bad all his face says is, “Uuuuuuuulllllpppppppssssssssth!!”

Thanks, James, for the precious moment.

Church Sign #Uuups

A very strategic effort to encourage those we love to go to church:


(Got this one off a very talented friend’s FB page – check her out here: Chrystina